Wednesday, September 30, 2015

2015 FLYBi

FLYBi, a quadcopter designed to put you in the "cockpit," sort of. It aims to fulfill the promise of earlier concepts like Oculus FPV that merge virtual reality tech with drones to provide a first-person view of the flight.
FLYBi's connected goggles receive live-streamed video from the drone's on-board 1080p 12MP camera and displays it on a pair of HD LCD displays before your eyes. The headset is also equipped with a sensor that tracks your head movements so you can control the drone's camera simply by turning your head in a direction – look to the left and the drone's camera pans that direction, providing a virtual flying experience. The HD camera has Wi-Fi and on-board storage as well. It's located within a transparent protective dome, which makes us wonder if glare or reflections might be a problem at certain angles. There's also a front-facing camera on the goggles themselves, so that you can switch over to see what's actually right in front of you on the ground without taking off the headset. The drone itself is a quadcopter that's roughly the size of a MacBook, area-wise, and boasts an obstacle avoidance system, communication range of 2,000 meters (1.2 miles) and 25-28 minutes of flight time per battery charge.At just over two pounds (1 kg), it's also in a class of other drones that tout themselves as lightweight like the Atlas Erida. While the goggles would seem to make FLYBi a top candidate for drone racing, it will need to drastically improve on its top speed of 50 km/h (31 mph).

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